Friday, July 3, 2009

Closure Concept Art

I got back from interning at my Uncle's 3d animation company so now I'm starting work on Closure, at last.

So after long hours of doing doodles and sketches I've found a pretty solid style for the basis of the entire game, and more importantly our first level set, a "Factory". I've begun to do some drawings and we've started talking about how the graphics will be done for the graphical capabilities I wanted to try out for the game. I've been really busy with travel and inevitable personal roadblocks in the past month (and more to go over the next year or so) but I'm working around them.

Alright, well here's a wallpaper of a bunch of concept art mumbo jumbo to bask in for hopefully more than a few days. Here's a link to fullsize:

I'm going to start doing more - more closely related to how the in-game graphics will actually look, work, and feel. I've done a couple but they aren't as accurate as I would like so I have to draw some more stuff that include the small features I need Tyler to add in eventually so I can start playing with his fancy editors he so kindly created for me!

PS. Again, nothing is permanent, not even the title logo (which Tyler alerted me, looks like flOw's title even though I've never played that game, but I guess I probably should sometime...lack of PS3...). However, this is probably the general direction of the art and style of the grayscale system in the game. (Big difference from high contrasted black and white!)

PSS. I don't know why my blog is so skinny looking and all my pictures get cropped but it's weird. If anyone knows how to fix this please do tell!

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